Answers to your Questions

The Barking Buffalo Cafe carries Pilot Coffee, a roaster based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Barking Buffalo is the only cafe in Edmonton that brews and carries Pilot beans.

All Pilot beans are ethically sourced, with many direct trade relationships, maximizing the dollars that stay in individual farmers pockets.

Salgado Fenwick is an Edmonton based clothing brand/company that shares a retail space with The Barking Buffalo Cafe on 124 Street in Edmonton. A unique combination of locally made goods and delicious coffee.

We carry a wide variety of traditional coffee drinks, teas, and soda beverages. As always we offer, free of charge, soy, almond, coconut, and cow (3%) milk options.

The Barking Buffalo Cafe carries Bloom Cookies (all vegan and some gluten free options), and vegetarian snacks, both savory and sweet.

Yes! We carry gluten free and vegan desserts and snacks. We also offer, free of charge, a variety of milk options for our beverages (soy, coconut, and almond milk).

Yes! So is our bathroom and shop. 🙂

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